Dana DePaul Ellis Acupuncture

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“The root of all health is in the mind. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together” – Ancient Proverb.

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New Patient Acupuncture Appointment (call for appointment)
Existing Patient Acupuncture Appointment - $115
TELE HEALTH: 30 Min Individualized At Home Acu & Moxa & Nutrition Appointment already have suppplies) - $45
In addition to immune boosting you can schedule weekly, bi weekly, etc... personalized video call with me where we can go over what's going on with you physically and mentally and then I can put together a customized treatment for your various symptoms and concerns. If you would like me to provide acutacks & moxa this is an additional $15.00 (which you can pick up from my porch or I can shipped directly to you for additional shipping). Breathwork, Qi Gong exercises, self care tips, if you want to do at home cupping or gua sha, I can show you how to do that and where to get items as well.
Directions 104 1/2 Forrest Avenue, Narberth, PA, USA (Holley Building Ste 8)